Sunday, October 02, 2005

Another Normal Day

...this was a rough weekend for me...  I worked almost 35+ hours and then ended going out with My wife... and getting little sleep before church.  So getting up was rather rough.  The kids had a better time getting ready .... in their little Sunday outfits.

Cute and Dangerous

The girls were all dressed and ready to go... ready for church.... ready to go.... while I on the other hand was wondering why my eye lids felt like bricks...

I'm Cute

Sophia is becoming dangerous.  She can now say "Ma Ma" and "Pa Pa" ... and can sit up for short periods of time.


...Church was very nice today... It was our churches 21st birthday and we celebrated our 50th mission!!!  Yes, our church has been very busy. 


Sophia keeps wanting to stand more... and does with a little help.  She is also practicing taking baby steps (with helps).  After church we went to eat with My sister Astrid and her kids.  Things were going pretty good.... we were all eating ..... and talking.... and laughing.....  the kids were playing at another table... and Matthew started acting up.   The first couple of times, I talked to him.   After that he got worse, and I knew that I would have to beat him in public.... but I did not want to go jail for child abuse, so instead I opted to put him in time out.

Time Out

He was not very happy .... but at least his sister wanted to make him feel better, and put herself in time out.  I think it only made him angrier...  after a great meal... we all went home to try to catch up on a bunch of stuff..... and then the unexpected happened,..... just like Bruce Banner turns into the incredible hulk..... so turneth Megan!!! ...but not to a green monster.... but instead ... "THE SOCK MONSTER!!!"

Sock Monster

Unstoppable... and with an unquenchable desire to remove everyone's socks!!.... oh the terror.... the horror...... the cold feet!!!   The only thing that was able to calm this ferocious beast was a soothing episode of "Dora the explorer" .... and then we were able to escape.....


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