Thursday, September 08, 2005

Paola's New Baby!!!

You would think that since Sophia is almost 5 months old, that it would be hard for Paola to have a new baby in the picture!!.

No longer the new baby.

As you can tell by this picture, the news of this replacement has sent Sophia over the edge.  Do you see the crazed look in her face.  Obviously the face of hysterical terror or disbelief.

Used to be the babies

Now, Megan and Matthew are both way to old to be the "New" baby, but that does not stop them from trying.  Megan is talking a lot more now... almost too much.... and is playing much more with dolls or what ever Matthew currently is holding in his hands.  Her favorite word now is "mine... mine.... mine...."  We hope this will pass soon.

Way to old to be the baby.

Now Matthew on the other hand, is a born actor.  He can go from trouble to innocent in the blink of an eye. 

     Matthew:     "No daddy, I am not sure who did that..... maybe Megan or Sophia broke it" 


     Matthew:     "....are you sure it was me daddy?  I love you."

But I guess you are wondering who Paola's new baby is....well to make a short story long, the old Pathfinder was starting to wear a lot of battle wounds.... we recently had it checked and the repair list was higher than the car value..... Time for a new ride (used: 2002 with 23k miles).

Paola's New Baby!!

So, if you see this car on the road, beware!!!  We thank God we were able to get such a good deal on this car... and it even comes with a warranty.  So soon I suspect that Paola will even out the other side of the garage door with a little love tap from her new baby...  :-)   ha-ha ... just kidding Paola.  Love you.

(Maybe she will even let me drive it from time to time...)


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