Saturday, September 03, 2005

another day older...

Today we had a chance to visit some friends for a birthday party.  Diego turned 33 and threw a little party.  It was a ton of fun.... Diego cooked a great barbeque with all kinds of goodies.

Diego and Maria Jose

As always, a pleasure to spend time with their beautiful family in their beautiful home.

Daddys Girl

Here is Diego and his little princess, Mikaela.

Hold on...

But the kids focused mainly on running around and driving the kid cars.  I don't remember ever having any toys like these when growing up.

I want one of these...

At first Matthew was a little shy on them, but he picked it up pretty quickly.  Even Megan had lots of fun riding Mikaela's little car.

This goes great with my outfit.

Even Sophia seemed to have a great time.

Shes going to eat me!!

The time flew by too quickly.... (as it always does when you spend it with good friends....) ...and bedtime was calling.  I wish everyday could by like this, except that it would wear me out so quickly I would be dead in a week.... but other than that... a nice day with family and friends.


1. Diego y Maria Jose said...

Como siempre, que lindo "podernos ver en el ciberespacio" - nos encanta tenerlos en la casa. Gracias por hacer de este blog un lugar para compartir nuestras vida. Que Dios los bendiga. Los queremos mucho. dD

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