Thursday, August 25, 2005

...too much to blog about...

Time for Catch up.  First of all, we got some more pictures from my brother (Damian) and gang!  Very cute pictures.  They should send more often.... so we don't miss out on anything.  New Gallery!!


Obviously they are not feeding Lilian enough, and she has to find other ways of feeding herself!!!  Shame on you guys...  :-)

Not to be outdone, Paola took a picture of Sophia and me (closing my eyes)... very tricky, that wife of mine.

Sleepy eyes....

Sophia is all smiles because we just finished some grueling allowance negotiations and she will be seeing a 35% increase in fourth fiscal quarter of this year.

Megan on the other hand is donating all her allowance to chocolate... and is even picking up extra chores around the house to see if we will give her more M&Ms.


Here she is taking a turn at feeding Sophia.  Who, by the way, is starting on some formula now since she is outgrowing the milk production factory.

And lastly, but not least.  Matthew today pulled me aside, and told me to be careful.  "Mommy is not very happy today.  Mommy crashed the door with the car.  Where are we going to get another door daddy?  They cost a lot of dollars!!"

Crash indeed...

I knew by the look of that door that I needed to be on my best behavior... or else she might run over me next!!!   :-)   I am just glad it was a minor accident and no one got hurt.... no one got hurt but my wallet.

.....isn't that enough information for one day.... It is tyring me out just writing about it....  Good night all....


1. Briam said...

Thanks for your love,patience and understanding....I love you more than words can express!!! The pictures are neat except for the one with the garage door.... I love your blog! xxxooo

2. Really Briam said...

:-) ...that last comment was from Paola (it remembered me...) Love you baby!!

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