Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Day My Age Stood Still

Today is my birthday.  I turned 33 today.  Where once I thought that I was starting to get old... today that feeling was confirmed.  The grey is spreading across my hair like the plague.  Last night was a nice "Family & Friends" dinner.

Oh ... soo old!

Due to the fire hazard regulations, we were not allowed to put all the required candles onto the birthday flan.  ...but I had a fire extinguisher standing by... just in case.  This is really a picture of me pretending to blow out the candles..... the third time!!  Matthew kept "assisting" so we have to do this a few times.

Today, my birthday fell on Sunday.... and that means that there was the humiliation of being called to the front of the church, while everyone sings the church version of a Spanish happy birthday song.  Since all of those pictures where horrible.... mostly because I look like the hunch back of Notre Dame... I decided to include this cute picture of Sophia from today.

Sophia on my birthday.

Now you see.  Isn't that a much nicer picture to look at then an old fart?    I guess this was a nice day.... it was not at all relaxing... in fact, it was more tiring than normal, but I still loved spending it with the people I love....  and besides, today they had to be nice to me.... its my birthday!


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