Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Taebo Death

I am almost dead...

I had a couple of emails asking me how the working out was going…. And between the lines, I could hear the “did you give up yet?”


But NO… although sometimes I wish I could get more rest, I am still going at it.  I have gone for 200+ down to 185!!  J  I am proud of my accomplishments… but it is a bit discouraging that I am not going down any more weight.


I guess this is a good weight for me… but I had hoped to drop down to 175.  I am starting to get more tone, which is a good thing.  You know they say that muscle weights more than fat… but who are “they”?  I am sure that is also a good excuse not to keep losing more weight also…. So I won’t fall for that!!  175 is my goal… even if it kills me.


Well… maybe not if it kills me…. But you get the idea.  The other day Matthew and Megan woke up after their bed time and caught my wife and I doing Teabo.  It was the funnies thing seeing them work out with us…. They looked like they were having so much fun… laughing and jumping around….  I would have enjoyed that time more if only I was not suffering so much due to the pain in my abs.  J

We rule

(This is not that day... it was hard to think of getting the camera when I just wanted to lay down and close my eyes)


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