Friday, July 15, 2005

Silence be thy middle name…

I have never ever been one that loved silence…. Even in college, I would always prefer to study with a radio on … and a TV… and people hanging out drinking beer.  I guess that’s why my grades were so good.  Ha Ha He He


Well my son is 3 ¼ now.  His grasp of both Spanish and English are astounding.  He even corrects me from time to time.  One thing that is starting to concern me is the relentless non-stop questions that he barrages me with at all times!!


I know it sounds funny…. Even TV and movies depict it as funny, but when it happens to you… day in… day out, it can start to wear down your patience.  I don’t know how my wife does it all the time.


I worked from home today, and it seems be getting harder and harder to get things done.  No so much because of my job functions (I can connect to everything I need as if I were at the office), but more so because I get derailed from what ever I am working on with question after question.


Silly Rabbit 


My favorite questions today were along the lines of why there were no dinosaurs, and what we could do to get them back.  Obviously to much TV or cartoons has taught my son that we can make a machine to fix anything.  On a dozen different occasions, Matthew came by and asked me to show him what something looked like (normally an encyclopedia internet look up is sufficient)… a dinosaur, T-rex, Elephant with Giant Tusks, Squid, Octopus…etc..  I wonder how we ever got along without the internet…but I digress.


I just pray that God gives me more patience…. I can’t wait until our younger two kids start asking questions too.


Good Night All.  God bless!


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