Sunday, July 10, 2005

Child Labor Camp

So here is my plan to become rich.  First I will have to open up a child labor camp.  But you canít just jump into some decision of this type without doing some research.


The line


First, I will need an assembly line.  Somewhere that I cant put a bunch of munchkins to work.  Here is my son and his friend, Drew, working the assembly line.  Their little hands will be perfect for moving and making the merchandize.




And in order to make the money, we will have to have people manning the registers 24/7.  It will all pay off in the long run.


Lady Bug


Of course, we will need to have them wear the proper gear.  Some of the work conditions can be hazardous.  Here we have worker Megan sporting a lovely ladybug raincoat.


The Box


But I am sure that there will be moments when the stern hand of discipline will have to be used.  Here we have Matthew paying the price for a slow production day.


We were able to do our testing of our labor camp at this place:  Imagine It!     A very cool place!!  (More pictures to come to the Gallery when I get a little more time)


1. RUTHY said...

Hola Brian..creo que este es el medio mas efectivo para mantenerme al corriente de la familia. Gracias por compartir con nosotros las experiencias del dia a dia. Tienes una familia maravillosa. Saludos y bendiciones, Ruthy y Ronnie

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