Friday, July 08, 2005

Sleepy Time

Hello all! 

Today there was a sleep-over at our house for all the girls/young ladies from our church.  My wife was going to do a couple of the chats. 

A house full of girls!!  What fun.  So I did what any brave man would do.  I took the kids and fled.  :-)

Slumber Party

So, Matthew, Megan, and I are sleeping over at my parents house...  where it will be nice and peaceful.....  Only time will tell if I have made a wise choice....

Night Night.


1. Ricky and the boys(Manuel and David) said...

David: I heard the girl's sleepover was so lame!
Manuel: Cuase ours was the best. We pulled pranks on Victor, my sweet, sweet brother(sike!)
Ricky: Dude! Party all night and not a single drop of sleep to be heard of.
David: Except for two nerds who fell asleep =P
Manuel: Tonight, we're going to pull a big prank on whoever goes to sleep first(Victor makes the most votes so far). I hope you and your kids got out of it alive.
David: Though you looked perfectly fine when you came to drop alex off.

2. Briam said...

Yeah ... but the girls were also up all night... (except Pamela). Hope you guys survive... :-)

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