Monday, July 04, 2005

Lights Out!!!

Ah, a break from the routine.  We got a chance to leave the city for a few days and visit my sister (Ivana) and her family (Tommy and Nicky).  The day we were driving up there (Friday), there were some storms where we live... and the lights went out.  So, my website was down for a few days, since I was not here to bring it back up.  I really should improve my backup power situation....

Well anyways.... we have a lot of fun visisting my sister and her family in Tennessee...  Here is a quick picture of My wife and kids, and Ivana and Nicky.  I will be able to add more pictures when I have a little more time.

Weekend in TN

It will all appear magically HERE in the gallery.  Thanks Tommy, Ivana, and Nicky for having us over.  We had a great time, and the kids love seeing you guys!!  I hope they were not too much.  [More to follow when I get some time]

Love you guys!


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