Thursday, June 30, 2005

I wanna go on a field trip!!!

If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you will quickly learn that my kids, my wife, my sister, her kids, parents, friends…etc…. go out a lot.  A LOT.  They plan stuff all the time.  Of course I am not always able to go…. I have to do my part and go to work.


It sure must be nice to be able to go to all these fun and exciting things on a regular basis…. I do wish I could go out with my family more, but at least I do love my work.


Today the kids, and cousins, and my wife, and my sister, and my mother…. Pretty much everyone but me, went to Fernbank Science Center. 


Ricky and Megan


Here is a picture of my nephew Ricky being dragged around by Megan….I think the younger kids had more fun than the older kids on this trip (with the exception of my mother who had a blast!)  


I don’t think I have been there in almost 20 years (since middle school).  I do wish I could check out the Planetarium show… just to see if it is as awe-striking as my memory makes it.




At least I can dream about the stars, even if I dont get a chance to see them....


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