Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What else could they do?

At some point… with three kids, you start thinking, WOW, that was pretty bad.  At least they won’t do anything worse than that.  I remember my son stabbing me in the foot with a fork once, because I would not give him more M&Ms.  




I remember my son trying to push me down the stairs… (I don’t recall why).  I remember my son pushing his sister down the stairs, because she was moving too slowly…


But Megan has not yet gotten up to that level.  But I guess she is working her way up.  I got home early today… so I had time to play with the kids before Matthew’s swim class.  Before it was time to go, I noticed that my office was a bit of a disorder.  And wouldn’t you know it… one of the ink boxes for the photo printer had been open.  It’s a Canon photo printer that uses different cartridges for each color…


 Ink Face


Well, Megan had chosen the black ink cartridge.  It is hard to tell because some cleaning was done, but I am sure that she was trying to put on some type of war paint for the upcoming battle.  Undoubtedly she was planning some devious attack that I would be powerless to stop.  She has already discovered that she can disarm any level of anger I have with her innocent smile.  If it were not for my wife being immune to that smile, she would be ruler of our household by now.


Pray for us!!  J


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