Monday, June 27, 2005

A day without children...

It almost seemed like we were living other people’s lives…  J  almost.  We were able to take the kids over to Aunt Astrid’s house to play with their cousins.  And the kids were very excited to go… a full day of play time!  Sophia did have to make a visit to the doctor’s office to see about a rash on her tooshie…. The doctor gave us some cream…and she is doing much better.


While my wife took her to the doctor, I was able to get some work done from home.  But after that we were free!!  …ah what to do with the time.  And who better to spend it with, than my beautiful wife.




We were able to have a nice peaceful lunch.  Chatting about the last six years, and how it seems we just got married.  The time just flew by...  Then we went to catch a movie:  “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”  An entertaining movie, but we don’t think it will win any Oscars.


Nice peacful lunch


Overall a nice and enjoyable day… we hope to have more days like this, now that Sophia is a big girl (2 months).  J


1. kurt said...

congrats on 6 years! i know what you mean about the quality time. karin and i celebrated our 5 year on the 22. the baby had a doctor's appointment,and later that day some of our friends came over to coo at our little lady. whadda ya gunna do! check e-mail. i gotta question.

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