Sunday, June 26, 2005

Six Year Anniversary!!!

Ah six glorious years together.  It seems like only yesterday we were married.  Where does the time go?  (I seem to ask myself that a lot)

Today is our Six year anniversary… and of course today was also Sunday.  Here is Sophia in her Sunday dress.  Like most baby cloths, she will most likely only get to where it once or twice before it no longer fits…. Go figure.

2 Months

Like most Sunday's we were over booked, and did not really get a chance to spend some quality time alone.  But my sister, Astrid, has been generous enough to offer to give us a slice of peace for a few hours tomorrow.   J  We will get a chance to drop off the kids with her and go do our own thing for a few hours ALONE!!  One does not start to realize and appreciate how little ALONE time one has, until they have kids.  It promises to be a nice time out... just me and my beautiful wife!!


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