Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A mile in my shoes...

Do you ever feel that no one understands you?  That you work your butt off and it goes unappreciated?  We all do sometimes.  That is part of life.  Sometimes we need the appreciation, and sometimes we do not.  When we don’t need this pat on the back, it is because we are strong and sure of ourselves.  But you can’t be like that all the time.  That’s just not realistic.  Sometimes we get beaten down and tired, and no one seems to understand or appreciate us.


Then you start thinking things like, “why do I bother” or “I wonder if it’s worth it.”  Or even, “If they could only walk a mile in my shoes … maybe they would understand.”


A mile in my shoes... 


Lighten up.  Things start getting better the moment we stop pitying ourselves.  We have to stop focusing on how tired we are, and start appreciating all the things we have… while we still have them.  You know nothing lasts forever… so don’t let the important things pass you by without appreciating them.  That makes it all worth it… and that makes me feel less tired…. J


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