Monday, June 20, 2005

Work Out Crazy

So, a few people have asked me.  "How are your work outs going? Did you give up yet?" 



Such positive reinforcement… but oh well.  It actually goes very good.  I did 6 straight days of Taebo death!  Add to that a cut back on my eating, and I have dropped 10 pounds in one week!!  J  I am happy about that.


But you know what they say, “first 10 pounds are the easiest.”  Who are “they” and why are they so mean to me?  What did I ever do to them.  Maybe for me the first 10 were the hardest.  Yeah right… I wish.


Work it!


But I am still going at it.  I took Sunday off (Father’s Day) and picked backup today.  I am still dead tired… but motivated by the progress.  To tell you the truth, what really keeps me going, is the little old man in the video who is also doing it.  He must be 100 years old… and he looks like he is having a heart attack… but he keeps on going.  I often wonder, as the work out finish… where is the old man… I don’t see him in the final part.  Maybe he did die!  …. That can’t be good. 

Well... sleepy time.... tomorrow I go to work early.

Time to work...


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