Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day 2005

This has been another long weekend.  Where does the time go?  Ah Fatherís Day!!!  This of course will be my baby brotherís first Fatherís day!!  Is he in for a treat!  A new born babyÖ. Who makes all the demands in the world, and who in return, gives you diaper full, after diaper full.


J  But that first smile you get when they recognize your voice, or face is truly priceless (just like the commercial).

Father's Day

Well, ok.  They don't seem too happy in this photo, but it is cute non the less.

It was a nice enjoyable day... At church service they gave a flower to the fathers in recognition of all their service to their families (some more than others).  In our culture (Spanish), there is a tendency for fathers to play a more hand's off approach.  But thank God that my father showed us differently.  I truly love and appreciate my Dad for so many things.  The most important things he taught me were by example.  These are the things that I strive to be in my family.  Loving, caring, strong, fair, and present (and accounted for).  Sometimes the family just needs the father to be there.... even if it is just to play another game of "Catch the Monster" or story time.

Fathers Day 2005

Here is to you Dad.  I love you!


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