Monday, June 13, 2005

Swim Class

My son started taking his swim classes in the evening, and today I worked early so that I was able to go with the family to check it out.


Although he lacks a lot of discipline, Matthew has lost all fear of the water.  I am not sure if that is a good thing yet.  As he took his class, he did have a hard time focusing on the instructor’s direction, because he was distracted by all the cute girls.


Check Me Out!!! 


This is a perfect example.  As the instructor is asking Matthew to swim across, he is obviously distracted by the girl on the steps.  After his swim turn was up, in a sign of true affection, he took her floating noodle thing away and almost made her cry….. ahh to be young and in love.


After a disastrous defeat with the ladies, we walk back to the car and he is comforted by his sister who explains to him that there are plenty of fishes in the sea.


Its ok brother.


=============== Topic Jump ================

So, I had a physical today at my family doctor.  Don’t worry … no bad news.  Well kinda.  He checks me out and sees all the results from a bunch of stuff and says “You are fit as a fiddle, nothing wrong with you…”  J  Ah, a clean get away!!  “…but …there is one thing….. you weight 10 pounds more than you did at your last years physical.”  L


So that got me thinking.  This was the same message that he had given me last year.  All ok but I had put on 10 pounds!!  Do you know what this means?  By the time I am 40 I will weight 235 pounds.  By the time I am 50 I will weight 335!!!  Will it ever end?  


Ok, so maybe it is not that bad… but I do want to drop a few pounds.  So I am trying not to gorge myself.  And I am starting to work out.  My wife says to me “you should do my Tae-bo tapes with me, …they are really good.”  Inside I laughed, because I thought it wouldn’t be that bad.  So why not…  Well by the end of the session…. I was crying in pain and was covered in what I hoped was sweat and not blood…  J  That really kicked my butt.


Kill Me


But I will keep at it… No pain no gain….  Why do they say that?  Can’t we ever just get a little gain without the need for the pain part?  …I guess that is close to the old saying … you get what you pay for….. and believe me brother, I am paying.   Peace out!!


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