Saturday, June 11, 2005

Babies babies everywhere….

It’s almost like an epidemic.  We had Sophia a few weeks ago…. A couple of Paola’s cousin had theirs a bit ago.  A couple of our friends are pregnant now.  And two days ago my brother and his wife also had a baby…


But that is not the most alarming part…. All the babies lately have been girls!!!  I am a statistics man, and the numbers are not adding up.  Maybe this is some plot to enslave all men on this planet?  …or maybe its God telling us men, that we have really messed up and now it’s the women’s turn.

or she will hit me.

On a totally separate subject, here is a picture of our cute daughter.  My wife told me if I did not put a picture of her on my blog, that she would hit me…. Hmmm, maybe it is not such a separate subject from the inevitable world domination plan by women!


Be kind to us new masters!  J


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