Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Too pooped to pop

The weekend was long … and tiring (but fun)…. So I thought I would get a chance to get some rest on Monday….. nope (kinda busy) …. So then I thought I could get some rest on Tuesday…. Nope (I really should just give up on getting rest)


Long day at the office… followed by some errands.  Then took my nephews and nieces out for a little ice cream at Bruster’s (AWESOME ICECREAM)


….so afterwards it was everyone over to our house for some fun.  When we got to my house there on the lawn was a Slip and Slide.  I have not seen one of these for years.  Apparently my wife had gotten it with one of my son’s birthday gift cards.


Here is my niece trying to show everyone how its done.  Yeah Alex!!


Almost made it


Evening turned into night…. Turned into long night…  J  Now time for some sleepy time… maybe tomorrow will be a bit more restful.  Who am I kidding?  I probably wont get any rest until the kids are off to college.


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