Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer Time

After church on Sunday we ate out with some friends, and then we went off for a little pool time.


Pool Time

It was a lot of fun.... how fast the time passes.  We had a great sunny weekend.... funny this same night... rain storms rolled in....


Matthew and Diego Jose are both in the same swim classes.  It really shows that they are getting bolder in the swimming pool.  Long gone are the days were Matthew will only stay on the steps of the pool.  He has moved on ... and left me in the dust, just me and Megan on the steps now. 



All this 'sun' time.... Matthew is starting to sport a nice tan.  Me ... I turn red like a lobster!!  Good thing I am the one holding the camera.... or there would be some good blackmail pictures.


This summer is off to a nice beginning.


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