Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bring out the clowns.

Today we went to the Renaissance Festival.  It was our first time and it was a lot of fun.  There were tons of things to do with the kids there, and that is always a good thing.  They loved the games, and the rides, and all the neat costumes!!  There were tree people and dragons.  There were ponies and birds.  You name it, it had something for everyone.  Add to that a co-worker gave us free tickets (thanks Jeff!!).


There was fun to be had by all.  We even went with a friend (Dorothy) and her Daughter (Merial).  The kids always find ways to amuse themselves.  We got some photos and put them in our Gallery.  One thing that stuck out in my head was the jester.  

Clown Time

Or Clown if you will.  Have you ever noticed that not all kids like clowns?  I had to ask myself why.... I know some kids love clowns, and depending on costumes, and the person playing the part, it is normally easy to understand why.

Coulrophobia:  An abnormal and persistent fear of clowns.

Is it unreasonable to think a small child would be scared of an adult who wears strange clothing and paints, normally making loud irrational comments, and wearing a maniacal smile?

So I guess I can see why some kids fear these strangers in strange outfits and with strange faces... but sometimes its just nice to laugh at silly people.

Just Smile


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