Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tower is Falling

The school year ended, and Paola got a chance to take another group of students to Europe at the beginning of summer.   What a life?  She kept sending us great pictures of having fun while I stayed with the kids and we worked hard to keep everything running without her.

Leaning Tower

I guess it was well deserved after a long working year with all the students.  Next up is summer time and a trip to Ecuador to visit Paola's family.  That promises to be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Secret Tacos

Paola and I have started taking advantage of our Wednesday evenings when our kids are at the church youth activities.  On this occasion, I even got Paola to ride on the motorcycle with me.  That was a lot of fun.  If you know Paola, you know that she is was very entertaining when the speed picks up or there is a sharp turn.  I am trying to take her to places she may not visit often.  So on this occasion I took her to Bella Vista.  It's tucked away in the back of an old shopping center on the conyers exit.  Authentic and Delicious!!

Secret Tacos

Saturday, May 06, 2017


Last week we had a little surprise guest in our basement.  The window had been left open and a little friend decided to climb in.  It had warpped itself aroudn the curtain rod.  I had walked downstairs to go to my office and had felt a breeze.  I thought that had been odd.  Perhaps one of my kids had left the fan on.  I walk in and turn on the light and noticed the fan was not on.  I did also notice that there was a snake on top of the curtain rod.  I thought it was Matthew's rubber snake and reached for it.   Just short of grabbing it, I thought to myself, 'I don't think that Matthew's toy snake was this big..."

So I stopped and stared at it for awhile.  It did move a little and so it was time to prepare for war.  I make a snake catching tool from a broom and a telephone cord.  Matthew helped me to get it in a box so we could take it outside.  It was heavy and almost five feet long.  I think if Paola would have seen it, she would have had a heart attack.

Friendly Snake

Let's not talk about the fate of our little friend.  I think I will either have to keep the basement windows closed, or brush up on my snake handling skills.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hello Moto

Another year has passed.   Tons have happened.    My daughter Megan said to me a few weeks back, "Dad" why don't you post anything anymore.   Yeah, sorry about that.   Life has been pretty busy, but I think I just need to find the time to record a lot of the little things, and it will be better than trying to do it all.   This really is a cool place to record a lot of what happens to us.  So I will re-kick it off with this:


When Paola and I got engaged, she did not want for me to keep riding motorcycle.  During that time we knew a few people that rode that got in to a couple of bad motorcycle wrecks.  So it has been many years, but before Chirstmas, Paola said "I guess you are responsible enough now..."   blush    That day I called my sister to see if she still had that motorcycle in the garage.   Man I love riding this thing.  It's a beutiful ride and so very relaxing.   Since then I have been riding almost every day.  Along the way I seem to have picked up a riding budy.  Sophia loves riding with me.  Now we just have to keep it safe out there.

Well with that, one final thought.  I love my kids, and my wife.   God has been good to us.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Bang Bang Weekend

This past weekend we had an alignment of stars.  There were so many things going on for all the kids, that our tires seemed to be on fire.  Matthew and his wresting team had a great season and they are in the final matches next Saturday.  Matthew won all four of his matches this day.  Below is Matthew throwing down with his crazy wrestling moves.

Matthew Wrestling Match

Sophia and her team did excellent on their reading bowl competition.  It was a lot like the wrestling match because they threw down on their opponents without mercy.

Sophia Reading Bowl 2016

And not to be left behind, Megan and her team also did some stomping at the Middle school level.  But also it was her day for the photography competition.  She came in first in the district.

Megan First Place in Photography

Overall a great day for the kids in the things they have been working so hard on.  We are so proud of our kids.  They are hard working and determined.  We pray they work hard at the things God has in store for them as they grow.