Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Flash Bang Tokyo

We had a chance this past week to go out to dinner after Matthew's music concert.  It was a chance to not only celebrate the performance, but also get some dinner with my parents at a little place that we liked to visit.

Matthew Concert

My Dad's birthday had just passed and we also wanted to celebrate his 200+ years... (ok .. .maybe a little less).  Here is a picture of the fire they set at the Hibachi table before they get cooking.  That is a good way to get a birthday / concert celebration started.

Little Tokyo

One nice night with no work, music concert, and a family dinner.  Busy but good.  Man these kids are growing up quick.  Man my father is growing up quick.  :-)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Run for Pancakes

This past weekend it was time for the 2nd annual Flapjack 5K run.  Last year we did awesome!  We had all been practicing and running regularly.

Rockdale Baptist 5K

It was a fun day for everyone.  We did our run and had fun as well.  I was really rough on the run, but glad I did it in the end.  I was really proud of my family for doing this.  We almost chose not to do it since several of us had been slacking for a while.

Fachisthers FlapJack 5K

Now some of us (not me) really did good.  Matthew was in the top group but there was stiff competition.   Sophia and Paola were able to get first in their age group.  So we were all very proud of them (and a little jealous).  :-)

Friday, October 09, 2015

The Robots Are Coming

There is this really cool burger place near the project that I am currently working at.  It's called Killer burgers (or at least that is the sub title).  One of the cool things about this place other than the delicious burgers and the bacon ranch French fries, is the cool robots on the counter behind the bar.  Its a line up of really cool and old robots from throughout the ages. 

Robots - Part 1

Robots - Part 2

Robots - Part 3

Robots - Part 5

Some of these robots bring up great memories from times near and far... and some of them are just cool looking although I have no idea where they came from.  This place is really interesting, not only in the decorations, but that they show old black and white movies as well on the wall and screens.  Some are SciFi and some are kung-fu, but its all awesome!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Of Weekend Past

A couple of weekends ago we got a chance to have a little date.  Just Paola and me.  We hit Agave, a place that we had visited some time back with some good friends.

Agave Dinner Date   Agave - Delicious Food

Last weekend was also busy as usual.  The kids of course are even more demanding than ever!  But I guess that is part of growing up.  I had to bribe the girls with delicious milk shakes from Chick-Fil-A so that they would not shave my head while I slept.  I wonder how long that will last.

Chick-Fil-A Milk Shakes

And as the season winds down I finally got a chance to catch one of Matthew's game.  I have been hard pressed to be available for some of these games already.  Although they were close on the score, they were not able to pull out a win.  But I was glad to be able to see my son get some field time.  He is number 75 in the picture.

Matthew - #75 - Playing Football

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Preaching to the Choir

This past weekend I got a chance to head to a Ligonier conference with some friends from Rockdale Baptist and also my men's group.  There were some really great speakers like MacArthur, Sproul, Nichols, Lawson...  Great Bible based teaching and great discussion with the crew that went.


2015 Fall Conference